James Capra Publishes New Book on Parenting

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Katherine Rose Watson


Dallas-Fort Worth Author Publishes Parenting Book Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture
James L. Capra is a keynote speaker, expert in leadership, CEO of The Front Line Leadership Group, and father of six.

Dallas, Texas – September 12, 2017 – The latest book by author James L. Capra Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture is now available in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle. The one hundred and fifty-four-page parenting book covers how to instill faith, discipline, honor, and character in developing and raising children of purpose. This is Capra’s third book to date. He is also the author of Leadership at the Front Line and the children’s book The Eagle and the Seagulls.

James and Michelle Capra are parents to six children and co-author this book with a personal story of how they made conscious choices to raise successful and courageous children. Utilizing humor, passion and the heartache and joy of parenting, James and Michelle Capra detail the challenges of raising children in a culture filled with frivolity and moral relativism.

One Amazon reviewer writes, “This is not a ‘self help’ or ‘best practices’ book, but one that is based on life, being quality parents and a Godly family. Jimmy has been a role model and mentor to many men and women he has served with during his military and law enforcement career. If there was a textbook for parents, this would be it. Our children are faced with challenges that they will have to navigate on their own at some point in their life with confidence. Jimmy and Shelly’s insight and experiences help parents to help their children navigate those challenges and obstacles. I will be purchasing copies for all of my adult children.

Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture is available at Amazon for $14.99 in paperback and on Kindle for $8.99.

James Capra is available for interviews regarding this news. Contact Katherine Rose Watson (katierosewatson@gmail.com, 972-489-7694) to coordinate.

James L. Capra Keynote Speaker


James L. Capra is an accomplished keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of The Front Line Leadership Group. Capra has traveled around the world as a professional speaker providing powerful and dynamic keynote speeches for conferences, conventions, association meetings, and corporate events. For nearly three decades, Capra served in one of the most dangerous professions through his work with the Drug Enforcement Administration, for which he was responsible for 227 domestic offices and 86 foreign offices. Capra now shares his leadership lessons and uplifting stories of what it takes to lead in any environment in his seminars Leading from the Heart at the Front Line! For more information, visit jamescapraspeaker.com. 








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